Socialization of the American Pit Bull



A puppy’s socialization begins while he is still in his breeder”s care. and its up to you to continue this all-important process. If you lack in socialization it may develope a fearful or aggresive older dog. Introducing your American Pit Bull Terrier to other breeds at an early age helps develope social skills. American Pit Bull Terriers need to learn at an early age the different types of barks and growls to prevent aggresive dog behavior.

All dogs should be properly socialized. Having a well socialized dog in your home means your friends and family will enjoy coming over and look forward to seeing your dog as well as you, while your furry friend can enjoy the company of other canines and go out into the world with a relaxed attitude.

On the other hand, a poorly socialized dog can intimidate visitors and make going places a hassle. If you don’t socialize your dog, both of you will endure a more stressful existence.

Socialization is particularly important for pit bulls. The reasons for this can be divided into three categories:

* Strength and speed.

* Tendency toward dog aggression.

* Breed reputation.

In most situations, the correct answer to “When should socialization begin?” is “Right away!”

The period between 4 and 14 weeks and especially 8-12 weeks is prime socialization time, when your dog is focused on learning about the world around her. But all of the first 6 months are extremely important. This is the age at which primary stimulus response patterns are established. Later, it becomes much harder to modify attitudes and behavior.

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